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Harris John Financial Ltd was founded by Sion John as a trading vehicle for his protection insurance business.

After several years advising people and selling protection insurance himself, Sion realised that the key to growing the business was in the marketing of the insurance and not just in the advising and selling.

Sion believes that in recent years financial advice has become a commodity. Today’s consumers have hundreds of choices about where to buy protection insurance, so the companies that sell it have to continually evolve in order to attract attention and get sales.

Despite the huge online competition, by utilising various online marketing techniques, Harris John Financial was able to build an enviable pipeline of protection insurance leads.

As a result of this approach to generating leads, in 2012 the business started to move away from the selling of insurance and into the marketing of insurance. By working with various partners HJF has been able to profitably grow the business to over £1 million in revenue and Harris John Financial as it is today was born.

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